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Useful information on the subject of Windows & Doors

The importance of windows in people´s daily existence considerably surpasses common sense functions such as ventilation, blocking undesired materials from entering and weather protection. As proven by psychology, the amount of sunlight entering a property is closely linked to the wellbeing and morale of its inhabitants, as natural light is crucial to certain physiological processed as well as an overall rise in the level of positive energy. Adding to that their aesthetic value and prominence as very noticeable architectural elements, windows are often chosen with substantial prior contemplation, a trend plainly reflected in the wide variety of styles currently available on the market.

In Britain, windows have evolved from plain openings into stone walls to fully operational architectural elements, optimised to provide comfort and the highest level of control over one´s environment. In Britain, although having existed since the days of the Roman Empire, glass windows were not a common sight and were, for centuries, reserved for aristocratic properties, whereas normal dwellings used panes made from other materials. During the Middle Ages, windows were deemed of high aesthetic importance, which often lead to their meticulous adornment and styling. In the 17th Century glass windows became the norm, as sash windows were introduced on a mass scale.

Today, windows can be classed according to a variety of criteria, such as their shape, the material their frames are made from, the material their panes are made from and their operation method. Their classification is closely related to their age, as certain historic are not commonly manufactured nowadays, aside from custom-made replacements seeking to emulate original models, in order to preserve the facade of a historic building.

When seeking to renew or optimise their windows, customers either opt for purchasing modern designs (often made from materials such as PVC) or choose to recondition their old windows, particularly sash windows, which may present a specific importance to the architectural and value of their property. Whereas currently manufacture windows do grant immediate advantages in terms of thermal control, old windows can be improved through various techniques such as draft isolation to match the same standard. Double glazing is also a common choice towards thermal isolation and energy efficiency, and can be combined with a traditional window design in order to obtain the best results. Following a period of intense upgrading to newer models, the current tendency is reverting to the preservation and restoration of traditional windows.