Window Accessories

Over the years, although trends have suffered perpetual changes, windows have always been used with a variety of accessories designed to improve their performance and at the same time the comfort of the occupants of a property.

Blinds are used in many parts of the world to block sunlight when required, as well as ensure the highest level of privacy.

Drip caps are installed with the purpose of diverting rainwater from the windows in order to protect them from damage as a result of being exposed to high levels of humidity.

Curtains and drapes perform the same function as blinds but with different levels of opacity and are mainly used for decorative reasons, curtains in particular.

Sash window accessories

Besides the easily removable parts, which are regularly replaced by many owners in order to attain optimal performance, sash windows can make an ideal combination with a variety of items.

Sash cords are used for operating the top and bottom sashes,

Weights maintain the sashes in perfect balance,

Weather seals ensure proper draught proofing and reduce the infiltration of dust and noise,

Security locks help upgrade the level of protection of a property and minimise the risk of break-ins etc.

Casement window accessories

Ventilation devices (trickle vents) are installed to create a controlled level of ventilation in environments where it is required,

Hinges attach windows to their frames and ensure their mobility,

Handles are used in order to open and close windows,

Stays maintain windows in an open position,

Security devices increase the safety of a building,

Shutters, although not common in the UK except as part of an epochal architectural design, are still used in many parts of the world. They appeal especially to those who seek to preserve their architectural legacy.